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Play therapy is a type of therapy specifically designed for kids. Instead of more traditional talking therapy based in conversation about their feelings, children have the opportunity to use toys, games, and other creative activities to express themselves, process and work through challenges or traumas they have experienced.

Imagine a child playing with dolls, drawing pictures, or building things with blocks while a therapist watches and interacts with them. Through play, children can show what they're thinking and feeling, even if they can't put it into words.

The therapist helps the child explore their emotions, solve problems, and learn new ways of coping with challenges. Play therapy creates a safe and supportive environment where kids can express themselves freely and work through issues at their own pace. It's like talk therapy, but with toys and games as the language of communication.

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Play therapy can benefit children, adolescents and even adults who might be experiencing emotional, behavioural, mental health challenges or have lived through trauma. It can be extremely effective for anyone who struggles with expressing themselves verbally through conversation.

Play therapy can be beneficial for anyone dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, mental health challenges or other psychological concerns.


Outcomes varies depending on specific needs however some common outcomes can include:

  • Improved emotional regulation

  • Healthy ways to express emotions

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Increased self-esteem and developing a greater sense of self-worth

  • Learn new coping strategies to manage stress or triggers

  • Heal from trauma

  • Strengthened relationships with family and friends through deeper trust, empathy and understanding

  • Overall, better emotional well-being and enhanced functioning

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Blue Skies


Blue Skies


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