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Supporting adults, children, teens, couples and families throughout the lifespan. 

Mother Daughter Portrait
Family at home

Parenting, relationships and being young or an adult can be the most joyful and also the most difficult and confusing. However, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Our team is here to be part of your village.

In-Person & Virtual appointments

Day, evening and weekend appointments

No waitlists

Specialized care you deserve

Playing with Baby

We work with parents, adults, children, teens, couples and families


Pregnancy, Infant and Child Loss 


Perinatal Mental Health

Birth Trauma

Postpartum Mental Health

Childhood Trauma Triggered by Parenting

Parenting Coaching to Feel Good Parenting Your Children

Body Image Concerns

Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Infant and Child Sleep Concerns

Parent- Child Relationships

Child and Teen Behavioural Challenges


Relationships and marriages

Trauma (PTSD)

Identity Exploration 

Discrimination Issues

Sexual Health

Transitioning, Acceptance, & Rejection

Family Conflict

Body Image & Gender Dysphoria

Men's Issues


Parenting can Sometimes feel Impossible! 

It can be so hard to reach your parenting goals when you feel overwhelmed with trying to do it “right”. Feeling confused and frustrated with your child or teens’ behaviours not knowing whether to help or discipline them. And then the feeling of guilt or shame after you say or do something that didn't feel good.

Mother and Daughter


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