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Partnership   *   Accountability   *   Compassion   *   Equity

Facilitating effective and joyful parenting from pregnancy to adulthood.


Welcome to PACE Counselling

For some of you, this is your first step on your journey to parenting without the overwhelm and supporting your children and teens to reach their potential. For others, you're hesitant and unsure.

Either way congratulations for making it this far.


Our Commitment

Parenting can be the most joyful and fulfilling journey in your life and also the most difficult and confusing. Do you see yourself in any of these situations?

  • Your anxiety is on rise about parenting during your pregnancy.

  • The transition to parenting is more challenging than you expected.

  • Societal pressures are overwhelming you causing you to try things that do not feel right for you.

  • You feel guilty and like you just can’t “do” parenting right.

  • You have your own mental health challenges and you feel it is getting in the way of your parenting

  • You are not enjoying parenting the way you thought you would.

  • You kids “acting out” and you feel you don’t know how to help them.

  • There conflict between you and your teens creating tension in your home.

  • You worry your childhood experiences are making your ability to parent the way you want to more difficult.

We know it is distressing to not have the parenting experience you dreamed of.

That is why we are committed to supporting you so you can:

  • Be the confident parent you always wanted to be so you can set clear guidelines with others in your child’s life.

  • Find your rhythm and trust your intuition so you can naturally act in the best interest of your child.

  • Be a parent without losing your own identity and keep the things in your life that bring you joy.

  • Gain skills and tools to better support your children through their own challenges and raise resilient kids.

  • Manage mental health challenges stopping you from the life you hope for.

  • Gain insight and heal from challenging past experiences so you can effectively and joyfully parent your child through to adulthood.

  • Nurture your child’s self-worth so they can fulfill their potential.

“It takes a village to raise a child”; Let PACE Counselling be a part of your village.

Book your free 15-minute call start your journey to become the parent you want to be.

Sleeping Baby


Sleep; or lack thereof, is only what we see.

Using an attachment focused holistic approach to infants and toddlers sleep we target a variety of areas to ensure all developmental needs are being met while promoting better sleep. This baby-led approach is sleep without sleep training.



Virtual Counselling

When life gets busy PACE makes it easy to receive counselling services through video chat.

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Bringing out the best in you!



Registered Psychotherapist


Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant



Registered Psychotherapist



Pre- Licensed Counsellor 

Working toward registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and is supervised by Kristen Drozda.  



We strive to facilitate access to the resources individuals and families require maintaining and improving mental health and community integration; building resilience and supporting recovery from mental health.



At PACE Counselling we work from a partnership approach where you are in the driver's seat of your life and we are in the passenger seat helping with navigation and passing you the tools you need for success.



We believe in accountability whereby you have choice in all matters of your life and we have accountability to you to provide you a safe space and effective evidence-based service.



Compassion and understanding is at the forefront of our work, where we offer empathy and a non-judgmental space to share and explore yourself and any concerns you are experiencing.



We hold ourselves at a standard of providing equity to service everyone seeking out support and doing it in a way that meets your personal and unique needs. We look forward to meeting you and beginning this journey with you.



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Sometimes people don't know what they need or are looking for. We are here to embark on a journey with you to find your strength and promote a healthy life through partnership, accountability, compassion and equity.


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