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I am the mom of two kids and have worked with hundreds of moms in my practice as a therapist and coach.

I understand the pressures of wanting to be the perfect parent. Even though perfection is impossible, your love for your child is motivating you to try. So what can you do?

The feel good parenting approach that I created builds your confidence, helps you trust your intuition, and provides you with the missing puzzle pieces to parent your toddler in a way that makes you feel good.  Using this approach will help you foster a healthy sense of self-worth and self-esteem in your child that will carry forward with them as they continue to grow up.

Better understand your child, no matter their age, to have the relationship you both want while being the parent you have been working hard to be.

Mother Holding Baby
Sleeping Baby

“Preserving a feeling of connection and closeness is a child’s most critical need” -Dr Neufeld


Society has inundated us to believing there is an expectation that parents must strive to raise their children to meet. This begins immediately, in the newborn stage, when new parents are trying to figure out life with their new baby.

We are trapped into thinking in "shoulds" which leads to guilt when your new baby or young child is not meeting that expectation. We’re often asked; within days of bringing a newborn home “are you getting any sleep at night?” And this quickly turns to “do they sleep through the night?” Imagine the pressure for new parents because no, they are not getting enough sleep and no their infant is not sleeping through the night. Then the magic of the media has all the answers in a simple “sleep training” program. These expectations often drive parents to try methods and things that go against their gut- their natural instincts. What we do know, is that it is developmentally appropriate for babies to wake through the night.


Research on brain development validates that a mother's instincts about her baby are best.

Sleep training often goes against the very biological needs of infants which is connection, closeness, emotional acceptance, belonging and safety. These needs being met are the basis of developing a secure attachment between parent(s) and infant. This attachment will then support all types of development throughout their life! Through attachment we are forming connections in the brain. The holistic approach places an emphasis on a mother’s instinct and a baby's cues. Our mission is to help parents find sleep solutions through responsive parenting practices while building connected relationships. 

Learn about developmentally appropriate sleep behaviour to better understand your child and their sleep and what is typical based on age. Consultation can help parents gain deeper understanding of the child’s needs and sleep behaviours through tuning into parents’ instincts. We will discuss your concerns or sleep challenges and then strategies to promote changes for these areas. We make sure to accomplish this while maintaining the aspect of your sleep routines that you love.

This is sleep without sleep training. Babies do not need to be trained. They need connection and emotional security which in turn will become better sleep (and more secure wakefulness). I offer parents; exhausted parents, the opportunity to learn about infant sleep and make some changes with the goal of better sleep. The baby-led approach is using attachment as the foundation of the work. Parental instincts and the attachment system will lead us down the healthiest path.

The focus is on, well sleep, however understanding attachment and how to connect with our babies will support in all areas of child development. Sleep is just the bonus!


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