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Family Quality Time


Family therapy works with a group of people who care for one another share a family bond. This includes parents, children, partners, grandparents, brothers, and sisters, extended family, caregivers and other professionals supporting them.

Family therapy offers each member understand and support each other through challenges in a safe space. The goal is to improve relationships through building skills to manage all the challenges that come along with loving relationships. Family therapy is can be helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed, someone is dealing with medical illness or mental illness, major life transitions, co-parenting, separation/divorce, trauma, grief, death or loss, conflictual sibling or parent-child/teen relationships. It is usually used when the family is contributing to a person's difficulties or when one person's problems are impacting other family members. Everyone is working towards feeling supported, understanding each family members strengths, and working towards positive changes as individuals and a collective.

Family therapy can benefit family members of any age who are facing various experiences and challenges, including those who are:

seeking a closer relationship

facing challenges, such as mental or physical illnesses

worried about their children's behaviour

interested in fostering or adopting children

getting a divorce or separation

planning another pregnancy

managing grief and loss

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