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Family therapy works with a group of people who care for one another share a family bond. This includes parents, children, partners, grandparents, brothers, and sisters, extended family, and caregivers.

Family therapy offers each member understand and support each other through challenges in a safe space. The goal is to improve relationships through building skills to manage all the challenges that come along with loving relationships. Family therapy is can be helpful if you are experiencing:

  • Communication problems between family members; difficulty expressing emotions or thoughts effectively

  • Feeling unseen and often misunderstood by others in your family

  • Supporting a family member living with mental health issues or illness

  • Frequent arguments, managing power struggles and navigating differences in opinion

  • Parent-child/teen and sibling relationship issues

  • Significant life transitions, separation or divorce, or remarriage/new relationships

  • Blended family challenges, adoption, or loss

  • Behaviour concerns

Family Therapy: About Me

Families come in all forms and there are none without some sort of issues. Sometimes, people are able to come together and navigate these challenges on their own and more often than not, people seek out outside support to help them through the more difficult times.

Family counselling can help you to:

  • Feel more connect to your family members

  • Repair where needed and strengthen relationships

  • Improve understanding and communication skills

  • Feel seen and heard in your family relationships

  • Develop strategies to parent different ages and stages more effectively

  • Repair lack of trust

  • Better understand mental health issues, know how to support, understanding your own limitations and enhance support as a whole family system

  • Adjusting to new family members or new roles and dynamics

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Virtual & In Person

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Virtual & In Person

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